Our purpose and how we create value

Our purpose provides the motivational force in our daily activities. Dedicated to outstanding customer service, an inspiring and embracing workplace, and with sustainability in our genetic code, we define our purpose as accelerating success for our customers, people and planet.

The resources we employ…


R&D investments, SEKm

Capex investments, SEKm

Manufacturing sites

> 4,000

> 600


Present in number of countries



Energy consumption, MWh

In direct material purchases, SEKm

Water consumption, m3

How we apply them…

We apply our recourses to develop and broaden application of our three leadership technologies heat transfer, fluid handling and separation and take them to market through our three industry based divisions Food & Water, Energy and Marine and a large network of distributors.

Our operational focus addresses macro trends while leveraging our technology leadership and global market presence through the prioritized areas of products, services, customers, sustainability and digitization.

Strategic priorities

Sustainability and digitization boost our three key areas
– Customers
– Products
– Services

Technology leadership

Growing number of applications based on our three core technologies
– Separation
– Heat transfer
– Fluid handling

Three divisions – global presence

Three industry based divisions served by a common manufacturing and supply chain
– Energy
– Food & Water
– Marine

Based on our Business Principles…

Alfa Laval’s four Business Principles describe the way we must act within society whilst achieving our business goals.


We care about every individual’s rights and opportunities including their safety and well-being.


We are committed to ethical conduct within our organization and in all external business relationships. Honesty, integrity and respect for others are values that we live and work by.


We engage in open dialogue with all our stakeholders to develop business relationships built on trust.


We are in a unique position as our products make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact of industrial processes. We also have a responsibility to continuously reduce the environmental impact in all areas of our value chain.

To create stakeholder value.


– Energy savings.
– Lower total cost of ownership.
– Increased productivity.
– High level of innovation.


Financial targets:
– Growth of 5%
– Adjusted EBITA-margin of 15%
– Return on capital employed of 20%


– Opportunities to learn and develop in the Alfa Laval Group.
– An organization that promotes respect, diversity and is free from discrimination.
– Alfa Laval strives to be a workplace that is free from accidents and work-related illness.

Suppliers & Partners

– A reliable partner.
– On-time deliveries.
– Broad market access.
– A global supply chain with strong local presence.


– Alfa Laval has a target to be carbon neutral by 2030.
– Recycling of 100% of the water used in sites located in water-scarce regions by 2030.
– In 2021 alone, Alfa Laval heat exchangers reduced energy use in heating and cooling applications by around 50 GW while reducing 25 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.