Three business divisions with customer needs front and centre

Alfa Laval’s business concept is to persistently optimize performance in ­customer processes. To achieve this, the Group has a solid product offering, ­a high level of technical expertise and an agile structure that ensures a sound understanding of customer needs, buying behaviour and processes.

Food & Water

The Food & Water Division works with products and systems for food and water applications, for example in industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, brewing, dairy and water treatment.


The Energy Division focuses on solutions to promote greater energy efficiency, in both financial and environmental terms. Customers include companies operating in data centres, renewable energy, heating, ventilation and refrigeration, oil and gas extraction, refining, petrochemicals and power generation.


The Marine Division specializes in solutions for shipping customers, including shipping companies, shipyards, engine manufacturers and companies involved in offshore oil and gas exploration.


Operations is a Group-wide supply organization, overseeing purchasing, manufacturing, distribution and logistics in collaboration with the industrial divisions. This structure ensures optimal manufacturing capacity, relevant geographic coverage and strong sourcing and logistics chains.