Contributing to the UN Global Goals

Alfa Laval contributes to progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. We continuously improve our own sustainability performance and enable change by supporting customers to reach their environmental targets.


Enabling change

Alfa Laval’s products and solutions enable our customers to improve the efficiency of their production processes by, for example, improving energy efficiency, reusing water or reducing waste. Moreover, Alfa Laval supports the transition to a more sustainable future in the energy, food and marine industries. 


Contributing to progress 

By implementing our Business Principles, setting measurable goals and working to continuously improve, we contribute to several of the Global Goals. 


Zero hunger
Alfa Laval’s products and solutions improve shelf life, reduce waste and make food production hygienic and safe.


Good health and well-being
Alfa Laval delivers hygienic equipment enabling efficient and safe production in the pharmaceutical industry.


Quality education
Alfa Laval is committed to ensuring competence development in our own business. We also support charities and volunteering projects related to school education around the globe.


Gender equality
Diversity and inclusion are key priorities for Alfa Laval and the aim is to increase the proportion of female employees and managers year-on-year. 


Clean water and sanitation
Alfa Laval offers a wide range of technologies to treat waste­­-
water and generate fresh water. These solutions contribute to improved access to clean water around the globe.


Affordable and clean energy
Alfa Laval’s products are involved throughout the renewable energy production process, from heating and cooling to mixing and separation.


Decent work and economic growth
Decent work and economic growth Alfa Laval’s Business Principles require decent working conditions. Working conditions and safety are highly prioritized areas both in our own operations and in the demands we place on our suppliers.


Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Alfa Laval invests heavily in research and development. The company launches between 30–40 new products per year and has over 3,700 patents.


Sustainable cities and communities
Alfa Laval provides solutions for energy efficient district heating and cooling — often using waste heat as well as thermal storage solutions.


Responsible consumption and production
Alfa Laval’s ambition is to make every new product more efficient than its predecessor from a lifecycle perspective. Many of our products contribute to turning waste into value in different production processes.


Climate action
Alfa Laval works to minimize climate impact throughout the value chain. Our diverse products improve energy efficiency which, in turn, lowers the consumption of fossil fuels and thus reduces carbon emissions.


Life below water
Alfa Laval offers a whole range of products in the areas of energy and environment that contribute to reducing marine pollution and protecting marine biodiversity.


Life on land
Alfa Laval has provided a cooling solution that protects the world’s largest seed collection stored to provide a backup if a natural catastrophe, environmental damage or war would deplete the Earth’s crop diversity.


Peace, justice and strong institutions
Decent working conditions are a requirement in Alfa Laval’s Business Principles. With our global reach, we can potentially make a positive impact on local societies’ anti-corruption and anti-bribery activities.


Partnership for the goals
Alfa Laval has been a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2011. We actively engage with stakeholders throughout our entire value chain to develop common solutions and create shared value.